A Day In Ceres Is A Day Well Spent

I love Ceres! I've been back in St. Andrews for just about 2 years now after travelling, volunteering and training abroad and can't believe I've waited this long to visit the gorgeous village of Ceres.  The main attraction seems to be the Fife Folk Museum...I'm sad to say that I didn't go in, mostly because it was too lovely to spend every second outside, plus I saw this tree and we'll, I had to take like a million pictures of this tree.


Lot's of lovely homes, small streets and door! So many wonderful colourful doors.

Fun fact, Ceres has one of the shortest high streets in Scotland...so you can now go share that wealth of knowledge. This lovely monument commemorates Ceres' men who fought in the Battle of Bannockburn in 1314.

We walked along Bow Butts, which was used as archery practice in medieval times and is now lined with the most stunning daffodils, which we did not pick because apparently you can get a citation! Did you hear about that dad who let his kids pick daffodils for their mom on mother's day and got a citation?! So we just the sun drench us as we played around them, there is nothing more representative of Spring that a happy daffodil.

Then went a little outside of the center of town to Chililicious, yes, Scotland's first chili farm! This sweet little shop is a treat to visit, who knew there was so much one could do with chilies...might I suggest the chocolate, any of it, or all of it!  They have so many fun chocolate infusions...buckfast, Irn bru, bubblegum, but we got the less adventurous, just lovely chocolate sprinkled with the right amount of chilis. Perfection!

We ended our beautiful day at Craighall Den, a short woodland walk to the main attraction which was the old limekiln, but for us the trees, standing and fallen, were worth the walk.  I highly recommend a visit to Ceres for a day out, stay tuned for our next adventures that are right at our door step.