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Shoulders, Knees & Hips - Workshop & Class

My Guru is back!  Julie trained me to become a yoga teacher in Thailand and I'm thankful she is coming back again this September to visit me and Hot House Yoga.

In this workshop we’ll go beyond the standard alignment cues given in class and examine the correct positioning in poses based on your individual body structure. You'll get a deeper understanding of what's happening in a yoga pose and why some are trickier for you to perform than others.

If you've ever thought "my body just won't do that", or "that doesn't feel right" now's the time to find out why and how you can adjust and modify according to your body. Every body is unique and by knowing how your specific anatomy affects your movement, you'll be better equipped to ensure you're getting maximum benefit from your yoga classes. We will be looking at key hot yoga poses such as Half Moon, Awkward and others.

You'll leave with a clear understanding of how tightness in one joint can impact another and how to stabilise your joints using the correct muscle contraction to keep you injury free!

The first hour will be workshop style and the second hour we'll put everything in to practice with a one hour class.

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