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Breaking Down Vinyasa with Katrino - Part 1

In this series, Vinyasa teacher Katrino will breakdown the common poses and questions we sometimes don't have time to go over in a regular class. After these 2 workshops you will leave with a better understanding of alignment, modifications for injuries and your own body and feeling confident to be able to practise on your own or in a led class environment.

Part 1 - The Breath and What is Vinyasa?

In this workshop, Katrino will break down and explain ujayi breath, which is the foundational point and as important as the physical postures in vinyasa. It is important to come back to the breath time and time again to maintain an awareness on the present moment to allow the practise to become a form of moving meditation.

Breaking down vinyasa and sun salutations - a break down of the poses that make up the vinyasa cycle of a flowing class - down dog, up dog & variations, plank and chaturanga variations.

Each workshop is £30 or £50 for both. If you would like to attend both workshops, please email and we will send a link to make payment.

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