Welcome to St. Andrews first hot yoga studio!

A little about me and the studio...I'm Sarah and opened HHY in August 2015, it's been a dream come true, so I'm grateful that you're here, on this journey with me.

I'm fortunate to have been brought up in a small town between Glasgow & Edinburgh, this gave me the appreciation of the unparalleled beauty of the Scottish countryside as well as the excitement of the big cities.  I lived in Edinburgh for most my 20's and had the typical 9-5 business job. It was exciting at the time, I met some life long friends and learned a lot about business and being self-sufficient. I spent a lot of time in different hot yoga studios, as it was time I gave to myself where I could slow my mind, while exerting my body.

Wanting something different, I started an adventure travelling, working and volunteering abroad. I gained a new perspective on life and what it means to truly 'live' during this time  and realised that wanted to spend my time not only doing yoga, but teaching it as well. So I signed up for a challenging month long intensive teacher training course in Thailand. Immediately, I connected to teaching and knew I wanted to 'live my dream' by returning back to Scotland and open my own studio.

I knew I wanted to come back and live by the coast, so I chose St. Andrews because I would be central to all my family who are spread out across Scotland. The St. Andrews community has been wonderful since day 1 and it's such a treat getting to know people who make up this thriving community. 


What Makes HHY Unique?

In opening HHY I was set on making one thing my top priority and that was creating a warm and welcoming place for ANYONE to come practice hot yoga.  Yes, the studio is always clean, we have full mirrors to check our alignments, new hardwood floors and all that, but most importantly and what makes HHY unique, is that all are welcome here. We've created a space where students, parents, professionals, pensioners, athletes and more can come and comfortably practice together.  You will be able to leave everything at the door, step into a fresh studio with lovely scents and music that will allow you to be completely present for the duration of your practice.