HHY has a mobile app!  Download for swift bookings and notifications - it's really EASY to use! Your app icon will look like this blue circle:

Download from Itunes HERE or from Google Play HERE

First time booking a class?  Follow these steps for an easy step by step process:

1. After you download the app, register your details and login.

2. If you want to just book a £12 drop in for a class, click on the class you'd like to book in for, then follow the prompt to pay £12 by card or 'at the desk.

3. If you want to book a STUDENT drop in or buy any memberhip, then go back to go to 'memberships' on the home screen.  Flip through the different options and pay by card.

4. Then, once you've made your purchase, go back to the calendar and choose the class you'd like to book.

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